Who is dougie poynter dating

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But, “I think for my next album, I will be writing about different things.

The premise is an interesting idea where the girls are the villains.See full summary » Meet innocent Jim, terrified of girls, and on a reluctant quest to prove his manhood the night before he turns 30.He and his cocky friend Alex think they've hit the jackpot when they meet the beautiful siblings Kitty and Lulu, who seem up for anything on a wild party-fuelled night.“I think people definitely recognize me a lot more now, and that affects me.I actually get quite freaked out when people stare at me or start taking pictures.” But really, she was on the track to stardom all along.She made it big on the charts in her home country (she performed at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding reception in 2011 at the royal couple’s request) before touring the US.

Several of her top songs have been released in partnership with a movie, including “Bittersweet” (produced by her one-time boyfriend Skrillex) for .

I'm an independent person—I do like to take care of things myself. I've been watching a lot of Cilla Black videos on You Tube. When her music stopped connecting with fans, she realized her on-camera skills. I don't want to pretend I'm anything that I'm not. It's important to find a grounded way to deal with all this [fame]."On her boyfriend's style: "We dress kind of similar," admits Goulding.

It's important to figure out ways of keeping your own Zen."On her solo songwriting process: "My music and me, it's such a solitary—I don't want to say , because that sounds sad— internal thing. Much to my label's annoyance, I do my own thing on social media. "Dougie's always like, We can't both wear this shirt!

She writes many of her own songs, sometimes revealing her personal life in the process.

“I’m always very keen to start an album when it feels right, in a certain time of my life, so that the album is reflective of that, rather than just being a bunch of random songs,” Ellie told magazine.

So it's no surprise she's equally upfront about her relationship with Dougie Poynter, 28, bassist in the pop-rock band Mc Busted. On going out with someone in the business: "Dougie and I have such different musical worlds, but he understands when I've had a tough rehearsal or tough couple of days traveling. ' But in my head I'm thinking, God, if only you knew what I went through to write that."On her recipe for music success: "Work hard, be kind, and when you've established that you've got something people are attaching to—for me, I'm told it's my voice and clever lyrics—then handle it in the best possible way.

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