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The besotted duo, who reside in Marbella, were later seen leaving the famous London Pinapple dance studios, ahead of the two-part airing of their nuptials.When it comes to sunglasses, if you want the best of the best then it's got to be Céline.

His career up until now has been uneven, ranging from a strong, harrowing dramatic performance as a self-destructive cocaine addict in "Less Than Zero" to an obnoxious goofball in "The Pickup Artist." He co-stars with James Woods in the current "True Believer," where he is almost acted off the screen by Woods, but here he is filled with confidence at the emotional center of "Chances Are." He's uneven, but he's got the stuff.She was pregnant when she became a widow, and she raises her daughter (Mary Stuart Masterson) and leads her life and never remarries.Her love is so constant that she remains oblivious to the fact that the family's best friend (Ryan O'Neal) has always been in love with her.All four of the leading actors in "Chances Are" devote themselves to the material as if they really believed in it, and that's why this silly story works yet once again.The difference between good and bad acting in a romantic comedy is that in the good performances the characters somehow convince us that their hearts are actually at risk.Elliott, who is Mark Wright's cousin, popped the question on his reality show Playa In Marbella after ten months of dating, revealed the lead-up to their wedding day in September will be filmed for ITV2 reality TV show Elliott Wright: The Wedding.

Taking to Instagram at the time, he confirmed: 'Sadie and I are really excited to officially announce that we have a new TV show with @limepictures @itvbe.

"Chances Are" comes from the same gene bank as all the other mind-swap and reincarnation movies recently, but the movie is smart and entertaining. "Chances Are" is a lighthearted romance about reincarnation, told with wit and a certain irony.

It proves the underlying thesis of all film criticism, which is that movies are not about their stories, they're about how they're about their stories. Movies like this depend to a great degree on the personal styles of their actors: If we don't warm to the people on the screen, and care about their feelings, then the plot is just the clanking and grinding of vast interchangeable machines.

If Downey is indeed the reborn husband, for example, then he is dating his own daughter.

If he is not, then Shepherd will be guilty of stealing her daughter's boyfriend. Director Emile Ardolino ("Dirty Dancing") approaches these paradoxes in a time-honored way, with lots of swinging bedroom doors and mistaken identities under the covers.

The former TOWIE star, 37, and , 25, beamed as they tangoed their way through a lesson ahead of their wedding being aired.

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