Who is ryan higa dating

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He also posts "Dear Ryan" videos on his main channel, nigahiga, where he reads comments from people and answers their questions or does something they want him to do.He also has an app called the Tee Hee app where he can be more in touch with his fans. Awesome Collabs Ryan has collaborated with a lot of other You Tubers to create unique videos.

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Over the years, even after gaining millions of subscribers, he's still the same goofy guy.You Tube is a newer and better version of television.It's not just music videos but features a range of videos from skits, gaming videos to reaction videos.For each episode, they go on to different locations and do different stunts.Another game is I Dare You, where Ryan and his friends and some guest You Tube stars complete the dares of the viewers.Every dare gets points depending on how hurtful or gross the dare is.

However, mind you, it can get very gross and isn't for the weak stomached. His music videos Sure, Ryan isn't much of a singer, but with some autotune and an awesome music video, he's just as good as the Billboard Top 50.

He has the best team Ryan has the most supportive team.

They consist of his best friends, Sean, Will, Derek and Greg, and call themselves the RHPC (Ryan Higa Production Company). He shows immense love for his fans Ryan's fans, or lamps, as we like to call ourselves, are the most loyal fans in the world. Every once in a while, he uploads a video called "Tee Hee Time" on his channel Higa TV, where he and his friends open up all the gifts that fans have sent them.

Each of his videos has a charm of its own, and I encourage everyone to subscribe to both of his channels if you want some good puns in your life.

You Tubers have been making waves on the internet for several years now.

You Tubers are more relatable and feel more like a friend than just a face on the screen.