Who is tinsley mortimer dating now

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Who is tinsley mortimer dating now

I could see them getting back together at some point."Page Six TV first reported news of the breakup Monday."Tinsley thinks Scott is a great guy..was too much too soon," a source shared with the show. They remain friendly and Tinsley hasn't closed the door to a possible reconciliation in the future."Bravo viewers witnessed the pair first meet on a blind date set up fellow star Carole Radziwill.

It was fun to get together with everyone for dinner at the steakhouse, but can you all lay off about the hair?! Bethenny really surprised me when she called me out for noticing her conversation with Ramona.

He and Tinsley eloped when they were both 18—although that first marriage ended when his parents sent him to the Dominican Republican to have it annulled.

They married again in Richmond in 2002, this time with a proper New York is full of well-connected young women with good educations.

His shy demeanor, his smile, and his quiet confidence intrigued me immediately. Having said this, there is absolutely NOTHING nerdy about this guy. I was feeling a great vibe from him, so I just had to go in for a smooch.

Tinsley Mercer Mortimer, 40, was once the most photographed young woman in New York City.

Tinsley is focused on reestablishing her life in New York," the source explains.

"They had a lot of fun, and who's to say if it's definitely over for good?

"When Tinsley first appeared on the scene and was married to Topper, she was very prominent and she always wore amazing dresses and was invited to all the major social galas," says Steve Eichner, a longtime WWD photographer and founder of a photography app, Name Face.

"She looked great and posed for the cameras with style and ease." By the early 2000s, the Richmond, VA native, reportedly descended from Thomas Jefferson, had already acquired a litany of status markers: a diploma from Lawrenceville, one of the country's premier boarding schools; a degree in art history from Columbia, where she was a member of the exclusive St. Topper Mortimer has founding-father roots as well and his great-grandfather was the president of Standard Oil.

She seemed to have everything a certain kind of person might want: an important name, her picture everywhere, a budding career on the fashion/social/reality-show circuit.

But then Tinsley and her high-school sweetheart, Topper Mortimer, split, and she migrated down to Palm Beach to start over.

Although her game was a bit rusty and she got a bit tipsy she clearly hit it off with Carole and Adam’s friend’s friend Scott Kluth!

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