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You have called and stopped by and sent beautiful greeting cards, always with your list of names. Thank you for telling the world Fort Smith cares for the homeless. Berry IIISusan Berry Hall Garland Berry Scott Jones Berry Jones Wade Jones Kelly Jones Gerald Sanders Saundra Sanders Abby Sanders Bud Mixon Marise Mixon (Memorial)Gimo Berry IITiffany Berry Hayden Parker Kaylyn Parker Charles Piles John Sonny Piles Mary Hartley Jack Moseley Charlotte Moseley Dixie and Max Connor Ben Moseley Willis Powell Farrell Powell John J. Gerald Phillips Helen Phillips Bob Leach Jo Leach Mike Leach Becky Leach Michael Leach Mildred R.We ask for just $2 per name, but many of you gave more than that, some of you gave a good bit more than that. It is our enduring privilege to print in our Christmas Eve edition your names; you are the paper, you are communities, and today you are Next Step Homeless Services. Your contributions to Next Step Homeless Services totaled $24,267. Berry (Memorial)Laura Sue Berry (Memorial)Gimo Berry Candy Berry Gabe Berry John C. Deal In honor of Rebecca and David Shipman In honor of Megan and Mark Foreman In honor of Paxton and Hunter Foreman In memory of Sgt.

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After this date, coins were produced in Venice by the mint.

Although there is no information about coinage in what was the Duchy of Venice (a semi-independent entity within the Byzantine Empire from which the Republic of Venice originated), ancient historians such as Andrea Dandolo and Marin Sanudo mention that the privilege of coinage was given to Venice by the kings of Italy Rudolph II (in 921) and Berengar II (in 950); however, it is more likely that this privilege had been granted by Byzantine emperors, as coins with the names of Venice and the name of German emperors Louis I (814-840) and Lothair I (840-855) had been already in circulation before the aforementioned dates.

Hatwig Marlene Hatwig Kevin Hatwig The Devero family Victor Campbell Betty Campbell Eddie Arnold Gloria Arnold Leroy Arnold Thuretta Arnold Thurlyne Arnold Everlean Porter Lorenzo Akins Jr.

Jamelyn Akins Jalyn Akins Lorenzo Akins IIIKylan Akins In loving memory of Robert Haynes Tishon Haynes ALberta Haynes P. The zecchini remained unchanged from the first issue, in 1284, to the last one, during the reign of the last doge of Venice in 1796, Ludovico Manin.The main coins minted during the Republic of Venice include: Other types included the osella, a medal-coin awarded by the doge to the Republic's main personalities.For some that meant a place to warm up or cool off by day, a place to get a cup of coffee and a hot lunch, a place to connect with other services.For those ready to begin the hard work of sweeping away the past and returning to independent living, there are the supportive homes, which can accommodate women with children and veterans who have lost their way.Daniel IVMelissa Bryan Tim Bryan Austin Bryan Hannah Bryan Avery Bryan Ashley Daniel Sheena Cortesi Anne Webster Jerry Webster Tonya Chaney Kasey Chaney Christian Yablonsky Emily Yablonsky Julia Farrar Andy Farrar Ginny Adair Josh Adair Addyson Adair Trevon Adair Trey Castor Hunter Castor Caleb Castor Jane Johnson Noah Johnson Holle Johnson Hannah Johnson Greer Johnson Grayson Johnson Matt Johnson Krysta Johnson Mary Jane Johnson Thomas W. Cosby Hodges Jane Hodges Harry and Jean May Reba Oliver Chance Oliver Dawson Oliver Ambria Oliver Sierra Oliver Alex Oliver Ben Oliver Jack Oliver Michelle Oliver Chris Oliver Stephen Oliver In loving memory of my husband, F. Mc Craw Bob Wells Betty Carner and Alan Carner In memory of Albert Chorces Mac Dade Charles Stockton Betty Yakely Stockton Susan Stockton Mc Cartt John Mc Cartt Courtney Castaneda Louie Castaneda Tatum Castaneda Cash Castaneda Michael Mc Cartt Allyson Mc Cartt Makinley Mc Cartt Foster Mc Cartt Nicholas Stockton Carmen Stockton Megan Brown Todd Brown Jasper Stockton Tommy Knox Jane Knox Fritz Lemmons Jayme Lemmons Lulu Lemmons Pookie Alexander Lemmons In memory of Leanne Alexander Mary Jo King Jane Hartmeier Stacy Beck and Justin Bates B. Hendrix Norma Hopkins Ben and Ann Daily Tim Randolph Jr. and Pat Jenkins Steve Carla Thomas Samuel Joy Staci Cole Trey Amanda Maci John Brittany Leigh Josh Keagan Gage Jeff Veronica Hannah Harrison Holli Jerry Jennifer Joshua Jordan In memory of John Paul and Cherry Bugg By Lon Paul Bugg Julie Bugg Bary Bugg Tracy Bugg J. Bugg Carson Bugg In memory of Ed Bracken Carly Watts Field Watts Claire Watts Monty Watts Bob Prough Donna Prough Jerry and June Boyd Eddie and Gloria Gregory Chelsea Gregory Petunia Dennis Marry Shaker Gatsby In memory of Julian and Margie Stultz In memory of Dawna Robinson In memory of Lucy, Wiley, Joey and Dexter Norma Cazzell Dick Norris Barbara Norris Richard Cazell Kathy Cazell Topher Moore Brittney Moore Esther Moore Graceyn Moore Lillian Moore Elijah Moore Jeff Cazzell Christina Cazell Chloe Cazell Jaxon Cazzell Truett Cazzell Jesse Cazell Kelsey Cazzell Ross Cazzell Cole Cazzell Natalie Cazell Joe Cazzell Megan Cazzell Edan Cazzell Liam Cazell Seth Flood Lydia Flood Trey, Michelle, Rebecca, Evan and Miranda Rogers Alice, Jack and Ben Sudduth Kevin and Jennifer and Kale Brannon Beau and Caitlin Brannon John and Myra Lee Anderson, Mimi and Claire Craig, Nancy, Lane, Ben and Nick Delacerda Kenneth Wayne and Gina Brannon, Rebecca and Rachel Tony, Deirdre and Josh Waters Christ and Barbara Jetton In memory of Faye D. Sturtz In memory of Beverly Helbling Klein In memory of Daisy Helbling In memory of Henry Helbling Jean Helbling Dusty Helbling Shawn Richardson Tristan Richardson Deborah Richardson Paula Richardson Marc Richardson Susan Klein James Helbling Bill Lucy William Krisitie Mc Loud Wilco Chris Lucey Kate Ellie Fifi Murphy Clementine Matthew Wyatt Harper Adam Emily Caroline Luke Stuart Ben Laura Banjo Fudge Edgar C. Russell Richard Carkhuff Modena Carkhuff Linda Carkhuff BC Carkhuff Doris Carkhuff Dale Carkhuff Arthur Carkhuff Sr. (memory)Virginia "Tigers" Sims (memory)Claude Maxey Jr. (memory)Winnie Maxey (memory)Rhonda Rowland (memory)Richard Rowland (memory)David Maxey Matoka Maxey Mallory Maxey Ray Love Linda Love Alan Maxey Nicole Maxey Abby Maxey Ashley Maxey Marilyn Maxey Ben Maxey Robert and Ann Burgess Kristen Andrew Evarley Andrew Elly Andrew David Allan Mandy Allan Karrissa Marphis Audrey Crawford Virginia R. Ballenger Presley Ballenger Sherry Rowe Whitney Erik Molly Hogan Frederick Scheuble Marilyn Scheuble Jimmie Daniels Jan Nordin Jim Teter Dorothy Card James Card Richard Card Sherry Card Ryan Card Kelsey Mc Coy Mason Card Heather Vargas Robin Vargas Mike and Martha Boyd Connie and Doug Smith Arthur and Jo Ann Hall Leonard Lester Barbara Lester Leslie Lester James Richmond Terri Richmond Kolten Richmond Brandon Richmond Missy Canmack Garrett Canmack Madeline Canmack Malayna Canmack Abby Maggie Rebel Bandit Sam Patches Bell Cookie Bam Bam Betty Fannie Dino In memory of Bill Henson Jr.