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To combat the low rate of women's participation in politics and government, the Lebanese Women's Council (LWC) planned a conference in 1998.NGOs or non-governmental organizations have been created in response to the lack of women’s political representation.

Lebanese women enjoy almost equal civil rights as men.That is not to say there are no women actors in Lebanon, they are just few and far between.As of 2009 there had only been seventeen women to serve on parliament since suffrage.Though the women of Lebanon garnered their right to vote fairly early on, there is still a huge lack of them in Lebanon’s political sphere.The political field in Lebanon, like most of the rest of the world, is male dominated.France confirmed the electoral system of the former Ottoman Mount Lebanon province in setting up a Representative Council for Greater Lebanon in 1922.

Two stage elections, universal adult male suffrage, and multimember multi-communal constituencies continued the situation that prevailed in Mount Lebanon up to 1914.Find black women, white women, latina females, and asian women in Lebanon MO. Lebanese women are considered to have more rights and freedom compared to women elsewhere in the Arab World.Notwithstanding the persistence of traditional attitudes regarding the role of women, Lebanese women enjoy equal civil rights and attend institutions of higher education in large numbers (for example, women constituted 41 percent of the student body at the American University of Beirut in 1983).Although women in Lebanon have their own organizations, most exist as subordinate branches of the political parties.Women in Lebanon gained suffrage in 1952, only five years after men did in the new Republic (in the year 1947).