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But it also warned of the potential threat from criminals live-streaming sexual abuse of trafficked children on the Internet for paedophiles across the world.With increasing clampdown of this scourge in the Philippines and demand outstripping supply, the criminals are eyeing other parts in the region, Mr Douglas said.

While the military government has tried to deter illegal migrants and clean up its fishing industry, Thailand remains on the watchlist of the United State’s annual report on human trafficking.

Investigations into his activities and the wider customer network he was associated with identified other suspects including a man named Thomas Owen.

Owen was found to be in possession of nearly 4 million indecent images of children.

Employers meanwhile, stood to be fined up to 800,000 baht for each undocumented migrant worker they hired. According to figures from the International Organisation for Migration, over 55,000 migrants crossed back to Myanmar and Cambodia within two weeks.

Under fire from employers, the government suspended enforcement for 180 days and opened a two-week window for undocumented migrants to register.

Some of the facilitators were members of the children's own families.

AFP Assistant Commissioner Tim Morris has described the crimes as "abhorrent"."The use of online media to drive these types of crimes is a sinister development," he said in a statement."To target the most vulnerable members of the community in this way cannot be tolerated in any society.

A total of 29 people were arrested, including two West Australian men and one Sydney man who was arrested by the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok.

The investigation turned up hundreds of thousands of images and videos depicting online child sexual exploitation, including children as young as six.

The report, made public by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the Thailand Institute of Justice on Thursday (Aug 10), details the conditions under which people from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are trafficked in Thailand.

The kingdom, Asean’s second largest economy, is a transit point as well as destination for people who are smuggled or trafficked into illicit or labour-intensive industries like the fishery sector.

The AFP and other organisations were contacted for help in August 2012.