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She has not let herself be defined by these early experiences and is the first to lend a sympathetic ear.But don’t mistake this for passivity, she is one fiesty lady!

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Looking in I saw all of Josh’s creations, his bikes and trees all around the shop.

Her paintings have been commissioned by the United Nations.

Minako lives and works in her Bushwick, Brooklyn studio, carving marble sculpture and painting.

As a new mother, she exudes a serene happiness in the role she was meant to play.

I first met Josh walking by his Broome Street shop in my neighborhood many years ago.

Toward the end of the restoration project Minako noticed large blocks of beautiful marble being trashed as part of the demolition of the building.

This proved to be the source of raw materials for her initial attempt at sculpture.Incredibly her first finished piece sold almost immediately and brought her an award from the National Sculpture Society, and birthed her career.She has since successfully restored the landmark sculptures of the Hearst Tower façade, and was featured in the New York Times.Courtney has passion for what he thinks, that is transferred through what he sees.nominated and described by Kayla Lindquist Minako Yoshino My precious friend Minako first visited New York from her native Japan in the summer of 2001.What makes Catherine interesting has more to do with who she is than what she does. Wise beyond her years, she has a silent strength that most people can only dream of having.

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