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For the main discussion of rapid changes in ice sheets, see the essay on Ice Sheets and Rising Seas, and for changes in ocean circulation, see the essay on Ocean Currents and Climate.Subsections: Assuming Stability - Changes Over Millennia?

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By the 20th century, scientists had rejected old tales of world catastrophe, and were convinced that global climate could change only gradually over many tens of thousands of years.

The database contains locations by country, city, latitude and longitude. For those of you who have tried the location.module with the zipcodes database from Civic Space, you will recognize how cool it is and how well this fits with that project and therefore Drupal.

In the sample below you will see the main characteristics of the data. Please obtain the data directly from Max Mind.com: Sample data: # Cities of the world database # # Graciously donated to the public by Max #

During most of the geological record, the Earth had been bathed in uniform warmth — such was the fixed opinion of geologists.

As one meteorologist complained as late as 1991, geology textbooks just copied down from their predecessors the venerable tradition that the age of the dinosaurs (and nearly all other past ages) had enjoyed an "equable climate."(2) The glacial epoch itself seemed to have been a relatively stable condition that lasted millions of years.

Many doubted that such a rapid shift could have befallen the planet as a whole.

The 1980s and 1990s brought proof (chiefly from studies of ancient ice) that the global climate could indeed shift, radically and catastrophically, within a century — perhaps even within a decade. For short-term cyclical changes, see the essay on Changing Sun, Changing Climate.

(1950s) - Hints of Instability - Changes within a Century?

(Early 1970s) - Mechanisms for Abrupt Change - Surprises from the Ice (1980s) - Abrupt Global Change (1990s) - More Mechanisms for Catastrophe - A Paradigm Shift Climate, if it changes at all, evolves so slowly that the difference cannot be seen in a human lifetime.

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Hadn't mammoths been discovered as intact mummies with grass in their stomachs, evidently frozen in a shockingly abrupt change of climate? Among other arguments, they pointed out that ice sheets kilometers thick must require at least several thousand years to build up or melt away.

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