Xbox updating every time

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With the Xbox One X releasing on November 7, 2017, reviews for Microsoft’s powerful new console have hit the web.We’ve got a round-up of all the Xbox One X reviews for you below, so you can get a wide range of views to help you decide if you want to buy an Xbox One X.

Here you can find an archive of rumours about the Xbox Scorpio which hit the internet before the official reveal of the Xbox One X.On top of this, a newsletter went out today from Best Buy, that used the image below, perhaps revealing the 'Scorpio' moniker as the actual name of the next Xbox console.This is unconfirmed for now however, and we'll have the official word from Microsoft later today. This is the Xbox Scorpio Chip Mike Ybarra, Corporate Vice President - Xbox & Windows gaming platform at Microsoft, has tweeted a picture of the Xbox Scorpio chip that will be inside the forthcoming console.In the months following the initial reveal of the Xbox Scorpio, Microsoft announced that the Scorpio would be sharing a user interface with the current Xbox One, meaning apps, Cortana, and background music will all be arriving on the new console when it eventually launches.We won't see existing Xbox One games running at capped 30 frames per second jumping to 60 frames on the Xbox One X, but we will see a greater number of games stabilising in their frame rates at their limit without drops.VR isn’t quite the hot topic it was 12 months ago, but confirmation of support of an existing headset would be well received, should such an announcement be made.

Microsoft made no mention of VR during its Xbox One X reveal at E3 2017, suggesting that VR isn’t currently in the platform holder’s plans for the console.Update: 06/11/2017 - Geoff Keighley Reveals Price of the Scorpio as 9 In a somewhat surprising move, hours before the Microsoft E3 2017 presentation was due to take place, Geoff Keighley appears to have leaked the price of the Xbox Scorpio, announcing the price point as 9.Keighley announced the info in the tweet seen just below, but we've yet to wait on any official word from Microsoft.They're going to have an enriched mode, with more advanced textures and more lush environments. If you look at Gears of War, they're going to be upgrading their game using the 4K assets from the PC and they're gonna be in native 4K.You can look at a game like Forza 7 which is really pushing the envelope of technology with native 4K, 60 frames per second, and high-resolution textures.So games are gonna go different things, but all of them fall under the banner of Xbox One X Enhanced.""The first thing people should understand is that not all Xbox One X Enhanced games are going to be 4K and HDR.