Xmlschemaset not validating

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Xmlschemaset not validating - Chatcam no registration

I'm trying to validate the following xml fragment (Figure A.) against a schema document (Figure B.) that i have created and tested through a seperate XML Validator utility that so i know that the validation works outside of the code (Figure C.). This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.The validation does return XML exceptions for well-formed stcructure but doesn't return any schema validation exceptions if i force an error in the xml.

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The illustration validates an XML document that the user chooses, either or catelog1against the XML Schema document Schema, indicating that we want the Xml Reader to perform validation with a schema as it reads an XML document.Again set the Xml Reader Settings object's Schemas property to schemas.However, when the user selects the XML document catalog1.xml, validation fails for the book element in the lines containing more than one title element.When the program encounters the invalid node, the method Validation Error is called that displays a message explaining why validation failed. An object of the class Xml Schema Set stores a collection of schemas that an Xml Reader can be validated against.Here's my code to validate: private void btn Validate_Click(object sender, Event Args e) void settings_Validation Event Handler(object sender, System. Warning: Could not find schema information for the element 'Person'.

Warning: Could not find schema information for the element 'Name'.Warning: Could not find schema information for the element 'Address'.Warning: Could not find schema information for the element 'City'.This property sets the schema(s) used to validate the document read by the Xml Reader.Register the method Validation Error with the settings object's Validation Event Handler.It assigns a new Xml Schema Set object to variable schemas, and calls this object's Add method to add a schema to the collection.