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Well, good news, we've teamed up with HALFNOISE for an autographed analog bonanza!

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I really hate it when people leave bands they play in and then make a new band that sounds just like the band they used to play in, but it's not as good.And with Nashville it's like super hard to top it, because almost everybody does music and everyone has almost the same schedule. Do you ever think of promoting Halfnoise to full band status, getting people to work on it full-time, or do you just see it continuing as a small solo act?In New Zealand everyone would have real jobs, so you couldn't hang out all the time. You know man, I kinda thought about that throughout this whole time.It's like you should've just stayed in your band and made it the best, I mean it's not always that easy, but I was just stoked that it happened to sound different, 'cos it wasn't like "Wow, he just wants to make Paramore kind of music without being in the band." Everyone's been really cool about that.Since you've come back to doing small venues after having done the whole mega stadiums run, would you say you prefer lowkey settings better? There's nothing like playing for a whole lot of people in festivals, it's just like cool, it's an experience in itself, but there's also nothing like playing in a small club, the intimacy of it. For Halfnoise, it's definitely cool to play small venues.Since you've been touring and travelling since you were 13, have there been any other places on the road you connected to as strongly as you did with New Zealand? Los Angeles has become this really cool place for me.

I recorded Sudden Feeling there and this last trip to the UK, especially in Leeds it was like so cool.

Can you speak to your vision behind the sound of this EP? The song writing in the 60s seemed so direct and that really spoke to me. For me, it’s very similar to women - super hard to figure out but once you get the shot in focus there’s nothing better, haha. I still listen to a lot of 60s music - Beatles, Stones, Kinks.

I wanted the Velvet Face to feel like you’d already knew it and at the same time wanted it to feel current and new. But new bands I’m into are Mac Demarco, The Babe Rainbow, Francois Virot. Besides pals coming over and adding a few guitar lines or percussion bits here and there, the producer Daniel James and I performed everything.

HALFNOISE's Zac Farro talks with Lomography NYC's Bree Doldron about his EP, the irreplaceable character of film, and how photography is similar to women.

Also be sure to check out the music video for his single "French Class" and enter to win a signed Diana F and record.

I wonder what other movie directors have inspired you?