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The New England Patriots don't do much these days besides find ways to win.They haven't fielded a losing record since 2000, and in that span, the Pats have only missed the postseason twice.

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From Arnie Herber to Bart Starr to Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay has remained a quiet, homely town concentrated on the aspects of winning.The ferry port in Rostock is situated just north of the main city centre, in the area of Krummendorf.Rostock Port is one of the largest ports in the Baltic Sea region, and has direct access to Germany's rail and road networks.Stephen Curry's evolution from a scrawny Davidson guard to an unstoppable force has launched the Golden State Warriors into the win column dating back to 2012.Golden State's magical run over the last five seasons has captivated fans and turned the Bay Area into a championship city.In many ways, the San Antonio Spurs are comparable to the New England Patriots. It's a testament to coach Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and countless others. The Spurs have continued to prove this theory true, even as the veteran players take a backseat to young stars like Kawhi Leonard.

A tactical head coach, a roster enriched with veterans and a mystifying gift of developing young, off-beat talent has driven San Antonio directly into the NBA playoffs 20 years running. Before you start grilling this choice, hear me out.Seven Super Bowl appearances—including five wins—and not to mention 14 of the last 16 AFC East division titles have turned head coach Bill Belichick's team into a gleaming example of how to win.You might not agree with their ways or even support them. In your deepest, darkest moment, you know you'd trade your franchise's wins and losses for that of the Pats. The Spurs embody a franchise that cannot be counted out, regardless of the supporting cast.Passengers onboard Finnlines ferries can enjoy a self-service buffet restaurant, known for their excellent German and Finnish food, the Sailor's Shop, selling cosmetics, jewellery, sweets, souvenirs, design items, drinks, alcoholic beverages and snacks, and a gym and a sauna section with a jacuzzi for both men and women.The use of the compact gym, jacuzzi and saunas are included in your ticket. Alternatively, from Rostock Central Station you can catch a local train to the stop "Seehafen-Nord", which is approximately 20 minutes walk from Rostock Ferry Port.The Los Angeles Dodgers currently hold the record for most consecutive playoff appearances for any franchise in Major League Baseball.