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It was a beautiful three-bedroom flat in Queen's Park and I was trying to impress her, but that's when I got into debt. Service in England can be really bad, but what are you supposed to do when the tip gets automatically added to the bill? I've invested a small amount into a business called

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Chanelle looked very glamorous for the occasion, wearing this tropical midi dress, which features a palm leaf print and a flattering frill bardot neckline.When I came out of the Big Brother house I received a lot of offers for personal appearances and exclusive magazine photo shoots and interviews.At first my income tripled, but then it settled down.I was very lucky I went to private school - I was a bit naughty and kept getting expelled so I had to change school a few times.I was very frivolous with cash and I used to spend with no concept of what money was. My mum says I'm definitely liberal, but I'm trying to be better.I was spoiled at home because I was the youngest, but it's not my family's fault.

My brother and sister got the same treatment, but they are a lot better with money than I am.

My accountant told me to set up a company for my fees and pay myself a basic wage and then take any profits as dividends.

They were fondly known as the 'Posh and Becks' of the Big Brother world after they appeared on the series in 2007.

I'm seeing someone at the moment – Chloe, who's a model. She is extremely independent and very good with money herself.

I think when I get married it will be reflected in my financial arrangements somehow, but that doesn't mean I would get rid of having a separate bank account. I never talk about what I've earned except with my family, but I have a lot of strangers coming up and asking how much money I made or what I got for appearing in a magazine. I've had a few cheeky friends ask me as well and I question their friendship then.

Three years ago I got involved with someone and we moved into a flat together, but I didn't think carefully enough about it. I'm not going to say go on Big Brother, because lucky as I am I get to hear stories all the time about what has happened to other contestants. When I do use card it's always a debit card, I haven't got a credit card. My dad is very into all that and he persuaded me, but I've not really been in a situation where I can put much in.

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    The book starts when they first meet right out of college and how she saw some things then that she didn't like but overlooked. Luckily she has a great family, friends and her faith to help get her through.